Elhae's Seventh Fall

There is a new breed of artists that are taking charge of their music and crafting their own music projects solo dolo, and this is what Atlanta artist Elhae did. Fresh and new to WGM he impressed us with the recent single 'What are We Doing' off this album, and now it's all finally here in all it's Electro Hip-Hop glory. Having produced and written the entire album himself, it comes off as an impressive feat especially when it sounds as good as it does. Bringing some more feeling and emotion into the genre is always welcomed in my book, and standing up for what you believe after so-called defeat is presented well in 'Seventh Fall'. Elhae gives off a danceable chill Cudi vibe (good) while maintaining more of a real life perspective in lyrics that can be listened to easily.

WGM fully supports what he has created and his vision while also being one of the good surprises in early 2011 releases so far, looking forward to hearing more of Elhae and seeing some more spotlight on him in the times coming up. Got some favorites in here too, I can't stop listening to End of the Night, What Are We Doing, Enjoy The Show, and Eighth Rise... too dope. Check the sound below... support... download AND share!