Is it right if he knows Mario?

So I just subscribed to the geekdad podcast, and it's pretty cool so far. They talk about loving electronics and doohickeys, and also being a dad raising your kids. In the latest podcast they made a good argument, although I think it's a joke (Haven't finished it yet). Is it good to raise your kid proud to be a geek? This is their topic, and go on to change from geekdad to jockdad haha. I was and still am a sort of a geek, but never really lost touch with reality (D&D people I am looking at you). Now I have a son that is going on 3, and knows videogame characters, is that a bad thing? Might be depending how much he focuses in on that, but he does love sports and is very social at the same time. I definitely don't want him to be the type of kid at a family gathering and glued to those two lil screens, that's just rude. I tend to show him my old cartoons and games, just to let him know what daddy is into (Yep, NES and all).

But its cool what geekdad is doing, giving us dad's another outlet for our geekdom and still have focus in with our families.