Venomous2000 & DJ Priority - Fresh, Amazingly

Two insanely talented NJ artists Venomous2000 and DJ Priority have banded together and created 'Fresh Amazingly' which is just that. Just off the stage where they opened up for Raekwon in Vernon, NJ at the Under Armour 3rd Rail Jam, they released a project where it works in total Hip-Hop harmony. Venomous has been in our ears for a while now and we've always appreciated where he's coming from and this album continues his vision of growth and life, with DJ Priority in the mix well that's just dope icing on the cake. Features including some of Jersey's dope emcees John Robinson, CyMarshall Law, Phonetic, Rhymageddon, Sol Zalez and many more, 'Fresh Amazingly' is a labor of love with some of the biggest local hearts of Hip-Hop. Having a few favorites (9) on the album it would be hard pressed for me to not recommend this album to the folks out there looking for an album that oozes crazy beats and life.

Stay true to your vision Venomous you're doing a great thing and the support is def there, DJ Priority has created another stamp of approval in indie Hip-Hop with the talent he displays on the album. There are many emcees out there that preach but not many preach about the right things, if that's what you look for add Venomous2000 to your arsenal then. This is one of the reasons why Hip-Hop is such a rich culture and will continue to thrive in today's society because when emcees and producer come together and create life thru music... it's a beautiful thing. The album released today on iTunes, pick it up by clicking below and show Hip-Hop some love!

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