Matisyahu's Live at Stubbs Vol. 2 Screening

Yesterday night I attended the screening of Matisyahu's Live at Stubb's Vol. 2 at Tribeca Cinemas NYC and would like to share what I saw and experienced with you guys. It started off with a mini documentary on Matisyahu on his youth and how Dub Trio came into the picture then it went on to the concert footage at Stubbs. This BK trio has introduced a whole new level to Matisyahu music, it becomes trance like while watching the film with all it's spectacular colors, lights and mood. Definitely a great pairing to what can be considered some of the best feel good lyrics of today, it evokes happiness and hope for today's world. Also guest Yehuda Solomon of Moshav did a great job in heightening the performance of 'Two Child One drop'.

After the great music and fantastic lights it came to a close and then Matis came out for a little Q&A with us. He answered questions regarding what was on his Hanukkah board (Hockey sticks and theater masks) "I have to be honest now right?" haha... also his inspirations and where he based some lyrics off of. I must say it's great and amazing to see an artist in today's society whom still retains his values and religion above all and incorporates us in his journey, also showing the family side of an artist by bringing his two sons along in the process. Matisyahu's vibe is one of unity and love, living and learning, and it shines in his music with profound vision while sounding great. The CD of the concert also sounds fantastic just like the film (DVD), which both were included in our autographed Deluxe Edition of Live at Stubbs Vol. 2!

Pardon me for the image quality, I had to take these with my phone.

Great night, great music...