Los Rakas Bumpin In La 'Kalle'

[youtube width="600" height="355"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLbknc86SIQ[/youtube]The Panamanian Oakland brothers Los Rakas recently released the official video for 'Kalle' which was filmed when they were here last year for LAMC (WGM was there!) while performing every night in NYC. All you saw was groups of people and cameras following the homies around the whole entire time in the hotel haha. Giving respect where respect is due, they have added something good to the Latin Hip-Hop culture which was a bit stagnant if you ask me. Heavy bass keeping with the O-Town sound and Raka lyrics that will make ya grandma sick, the track goes in my Hip-Hop book. Peep the vid and let em know wassup.

"A Katy, a Suuuuzy le gusta Raka Music." ....Gotta love the chorus.