OMC-song that made them famous

This weekend, besides Easter family activities (Son opening up his Easter basket was awesome alone), and the rising of Tha Christ (Yeah I said it that way) I had a weekend marathon of Deadliest Catch and Bizarre Foods... awesome. Two of my new favorite shows, they really kept me glued to the couch. Deadliest Catch is a pretty good show, it really displays the struggle they go thru to get the Snow Crabs. The premise of the show sounds boring, but when you see it, it's pretty entertaining. Just the amount of turbulent waters they travel is amazing, and then have to work in it is nuts. Yes I am also looking at videos and reviews of the game, so far it seems kinda meh. Everyone says cool concept but just executed wrong and choppy framerate, I might just get it anyway in a trade or something cheap.

Now Bizarre Foods... that is one cool ass show. He eats the craziest things (Raw horse mane, Japan), and hardly finds something he doesn't like. He also reminded me that I have to get BBQ Scorpion, eat Snake and Alligator. I do kinda want to try smoked Snake, and Puffin Bird (Iceland), sounds interesting. I also saw the amount of food that I WON'T eat, like Tuna Fish eyeballs and rotten Shark meat (Iceland) that's just wack.

Also gave me the Travel Bug again, seeing all those different places makes you want to just pick up and travel all over with the fam. All I need now is a bag of cash to magically fall on my lap, yeaaaah that's it.

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