A Letter From the Giantor

I have been blessed with a great group of readers and artists that back WGM up also believing in the vision. With all the insane amount of information/images/music one can absorb in one day it can be fun and exhausting at some times.  First and foremost I am a husband and a father, I am a graphic designer, photographer and then blogger... obviously not easy to juggle all of that and still be sane. I have tried as best as I can to uphold the When Giants Meet vision on my spare time (spare?!) and have accomplished to gain the respect and reads from strangers and artists... yay for me *pats on back*. I write/edit/design almost every single thing on this fantastic blog and scout the world for media that fits the WGM world. It can be stressing sometimes due to the expectancy of quality and wealth of information I feel the need to present... not to mention it's a one-man-band most times. Yeah I had times before where I want to shift WGM somewhere else and go back to just doing it for fun but it's oh so difficult to when you see all the great influence you can have on things or outcomes of what you post. Getting burnt out here and there is normal for bloggers, so I take breaks (live life folks) here and there in order to not stray way from the formula. I come back with more passion, thoughts and ideas but sometimes I feel like things are  going in circles due to how I see artists acting within their own industry/craft. There have been times where all I see is support from an artist ONLY for their work which is NOT what I made WGM out to be so I have trouble supporting those folks. There are also wonderful times to be had and when WGM get's praises, shout-outs (those are great), commendations, and a "I see you" from someone we respect... wow cloud 9 status. I have met great people and artists that truly appreciate what I do and represent, those people will forever have a place in my heart. For someone that you don't know at all, them take the time out to read your work... like it and keep following what you put out is AMAZING. They don't know how much that means to me, I talk to most of those folks and they are truly the giants. I have gotten to hear unreleased tracks/albums, artists ask for my input on their music, folks trusting me with their craft and art, sounds great doesn't it? Well it is and you definitely feel valued and respected when you're feeling indifferent, we're all human right?

If I can show one person an artist that they never heard of, or make some kind of difference with what I write, I feel like my work is being done. Not sure how many people I have influenced to live a good life full of peace, love, art, and understanding but I hope it's a lot and would love to see who they are. This world is full of hate and people forget to stop and care for people and what's around them, it's time to start living in peace with another and live well. Soo many times we are faced with obstacles and destructive people in our paths and all we want is to jump that hurdle to try and get to the sunnier Giant side. I hope everyone enjoys the music, postings, and photos that I take for WGM as I take great pride in what I do for the site.

Fully supporting creativity, art, music, cultures and life is key in what I do but it all comes at a price sometimes. I honestly don't know what will ultimately transform When Giants Meet (too many ideas and thoughts) into the Mega-Giant empire but I do know that those whom have supported and continue supporting my thoughts and vision can't be thanked enough. Life can be crazy sometimes and WGM is my corner of relief for everyone with good life and music to influence a better world as much as I can. Sometimes It's insanely difficult to enjoy music as a fan because the first thing I can think of is how to word it for a posting on WGM, not just "I really like this song". I go to events and local shows "Oh wassup WGMeets!," while that's great and all... you end up loosing yourself and the enjoyment for music in most gatherings. You are no longer seen as a fan/friend but as an opportunity to benefit from, it usually ends up someone trying to sell me on their idea/music... blek. I'll tell you right now... it gets old with the quickness but there has been a good amount of folks that have shown me genuine care and support and for that I am forever grateful.

To the Giants on the good side I can't thank you enough and may you have all the blessings possible. What I post is what I care about, it's not a click-hit posting competition here and will always remain that way.


Forever grateful, WGMeets