Red eyes still?

So happy belated 420! Anyone still "tired", or have dry... red eyes? Well I know I still got them symptoms, not from the ganj but from being sick... yeah I know not as much fun. I am one for the legalization of it but don't smoke it now, being a responsible yadda, yadda. I definitely do believe that Alcohol does more damage than the skunk, according to my scientific data (Me). So as Cypress Hill said and say Legalize it. It will increase government revenue up to 1 billion something if they tax the sucka. Check out the video on G4 with Judge Jim P. Gray, and his book titled Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed.

On a totally unrelated sidenote, I got called a child predator by some retard in LIVE on a UNO game, said that my avatar supposedly looks like one!!! ...Lil kids. Yes I said UNO and playing it online, sue me.

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