Let Navegante Take You

This one is for the kids of the night... recently visited the world of Navegante which is filled with an evolving  platform full of energetic electro sounds, drums, LED's (Chris), and dancing people all around. Their music will have you wanting to hit the streets and let loose, it's just that type of atmosphere where it's about the music and nothing else. Hailing from Brooklyn, Jean Shepard (Vocals) and Washington Duke (Drums) bring a genre melting pot of latin, bass, electric, funk and dance which there is no doubt in my mind that it's been well received. Legends such as David Byrne and Carlos Santana also have positive things to say about them and the press has been digging the bumpin duo just like us. Below is a docusode on Navegante and their sound by MyArtistDNA, check it out and let us know what you think of the group, also drop them a line on Twitter and tell em wassup!


They have a free EP out that sounds great and gives you a good idea of what's to come but seems a bit subdued after watching/hearing their awesome lively (gotta see that in person) performances on their Facebook page. Regardless it's a great welcome to their sound so DL it here and follow their movement like we do as well. Their full-length album is being co-produced by Jimmy Douglass (The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin) and will be released first half of 2011. Can't wait to check them out live!