Landon Wordswell's Fountain of Youth 2

You know it's a good day when you can listen and vibe out to some new Landon Wordswell and today is that day. The "Fountain of Youth 2" is sponsored by When Giants Meet, Keeynote, The Word Is Bond, and RefinedHype, it's something special when you see that these other dope HipHop sites are backing the project up too. The homie goes in as usual and shows lyrical skill beyond the superficial which is one of the main reasons WGM always approves, a couple of these gems you might have caught before but it's mostly new. It's 20 tracks long and they all tell a different story, there's even a track with a Prodigy beat (No not Mob Deep) I haven't heard in a long while. Super proud to be a part of this project and share it with you all along with the other blogs mentioned, especially when the music speaks for itself.

This is definitely a traveling album that can be played in all places and it still has the same effect, I'm taking this one to China with me come April! Peace to Wordswell... keep the flow true and constant as you always do.