Just splat

Seems like more and more collabos going on are simple no thought image splatting on a t-shirt for a quick "Limited" buck. For example:

Lets take a look at this collabo of AMBUSH x ROC STAR. This piece of jewelry on the shirt is an actual piece from AMBUSH, and nothing new at all, just better contrast than the original accessory, which I think looks like a cheap 99¢ store toy. Not that I want to shit on them and seem like a hater, but damn add something new to it. Don't just plop your jewelry on a shirt and call it a new collaboration to bring a new tee to the fans.

I guess once you "make it big" by todays standards (who knows what it really means now) you can do things like this. I just don't appreciate it when companies or "artists" do this kind of stuff and try to pass it on as the cool new thing to wear. Guess it's the art snob in me...

Touché pussygato.

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