Doing day mix

Ahhh some good stuff here from the7daytheory, and DJ Lee Majors. They got Tribe, Skyzoo, even Heavy D up in the mix... literally. Listening to it right now, and it works, yup it does. Just right for what 7th explained the feel they were going for:

I mentioned a short while ago that Lee Majors+I were trying to link up and make something happen…its here.

This is the perfect- “I wanna wake up early, wash my car, get a haircut, hit the record store, clean my house, call the lady that makes me feel good, invite her over and serenade her” timeless music… all before 12pm… that same chronological order.

Check our the blog for it : The Atlantic Conference

Mercy is dope 7th, you not the only one. Looking forward to additional projects shun!

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