Man Mantis Births 'Cities Without Houses'

Ladies and gentleman this MUST be the hardest working insectiman I've ever seen. Man Mantis is back with 'Cities Without Houses' another project to get your brain oozing with visions of perplexing body shifts and mental breakdowns. He also has a Kickstarter project page to get this album pressed on delicious vinyl to reverse natures wrath on the Man Mantis face which was preyed upon. The more you pledge, the more awesome the items you shall receive.. you can even get your own Mantis face! Back to the album... I can sum it up to every track colliding and interweaving itself into a highly satisfying mass of instrumental bangerage.

Reminds me of a modern day Legend Soundtrack (Yes Tangerine Dream Legend) and only makes you wonder what a movie could sound like if accompanied by something this awesome. If you came here looking for some kind of technical breakdown of what was used... sorry, music like this speaks to me on a totally different level and so I chose to go by feeling. We heard some of these tracks on 'Sea Ambulance' but it doesn't diminish the complete package. I wish there was a bigger piece of the pie for instrumental sensei's like this, but am glad that i have the chance to hear something that lets you escape. Not sure if it's because of his unfortunate face change but every single track emits powerful emotion and carries it's own vision while living at total peace in this 12 track outer body experience.

Support Man Mantis by purchasing (name your price) the album and pass thru his Kickstarter if your interested in the vinyl and some dope extras as well!! Check out the kickstarter video...