St Joe Louis 'Good Morning' Indeed... / by Randy Ortiz

[vimeo][/vimeo]Gawwwwwdang they finally made a video to one of my favorite Hip-Hop songs! Even used it in a video I did for Maldonado's 42nd St. Mural that was in NYC. St. Joe Louis (Michael CardiganElete and Tommie Chase) just released the 'Good Morning' vid to the wild and thanks to Visual High Life it looks great. The contrast and colors work extremely well to convey the "just gettin up" feeling and maintains the qualities which leave a positive impact after watching it. None of the typical Hip-Hop video novelties are present and that is always welcomed, stay true to life and forget that superficial fluff! Peace to Khal for sending this over. Their single of 'Good Morning' was also recently released on iTunes, DJ Download and Juno Download courtesy of RTD Records. Support music that actually tells a story and gives a message!