The Mad Bloggers Present Jinesis - Maliah (from Otisis)

My blogger brothers from another mother The Mad Bloggers got an exciting new beat tape coming out called 'Otisis' and this is the first peek into what is going down with the project. NYC producer Jinesis teamed up TMB and they got him flipping Otis Redding tracks, 'Maliah' sounds smooth and easy... I can't wait to hear the rest! Single cover art done by Fresh Daily, track mixed and arranged by Jinesis and Frado. Check the track below and see what Jenesis has to say on this track, don't forget to pay them a visit as well. "Maliah mentioned on twitter that a lot of dudes are afraid to date her seriously because they dont want the attention that comes with dating a dancer/model/vixen. That candid, world weary and personal tweet came from a sensitive place and once Jinesis sat with the sample the sentiment echoed. This a glimpse into one of the beats from the Jinesis produced Otis Redding sampled project "Otisis" presented by The Mad Bloggers."