Yo NO!

gijoe Ok so I am looking forward to the new G.I. Joe movie, but it's to see how much they managed to butcher it (geek rant, if you haven't noticed) and change things. First thing on my scope is Cobra Commander, why am I seeing his face? Yeah I know 'Rise of the Cobra', blah blah. I still don't think they should've shown him in trailers, or pics before the release. I'm guessing (as my wife did) that they are going to show the whole damage that lead him to wear the awesome mask/drape/dome. Just think it was better if it was a surprise, and I hope they do that evil scratchy voice of his form the cartoon.

Besides good ol Cobra Commander is... the black "cool" look. Shit is wack, I want to see all the uniforms they had before. Give me the cheesy awesome individual look of each Joe, over this Matrix, Underworld stuff. That was one of the cool factors about G.I. Joe, each one was different and it showed...I always lost those lil backpacks. I'm assuming no Purple and red VIPER with this whole black thing going on. Besides that I think it should be all good, still going to watch it.

Nobody else mind that they are changing uniforms and showing CC face already?