Too awesome

So Mother's Day was cool, even tho I gave the wife my present early (Friday haha). I designed a bag for her, and she loved it. As soon as I picked it up I got all antsy and wanted to give it to her as soon as possible. I got some great feedback from relatives and friends, and best of all wifey liked it. Check the rough mock-up below, I will post pictures of the actual bag (Looks way better than this, especially the R) later on the week. BAGFINAL

She was definitely surprised and happy to get it, totally got her on this one. I for one was super happy to give her something she loves and have it be one of a kind just for her on mommy day, she deserves it (3 males, including the dog ain't easy). This bag is pretty big too, 15 inches width for all her daily work and mommy supplies. This is my first bag design, and it's pretty cool... WGM bags, hmmm interesting.