Elhae Got that Blue Dreams & White Lights

The ATL artist Elhae is back with another full album release titled "Blue Dreams & White Lights" and the second time around is much much better. I am truly loving how his whole sound is coming up and gives his own electro flavor to the formula of Hip-Hop and soul, it shows the versatility in the artists' sound while totally enwrapping our ears. There is a certain soulful musical void to be filled and while going thru the album I couldn't help but think that Elhae could appeal to many folks that go the route of 'Ye, Cudi, N.E.R.D. and the few others that have that edge above just having a spacy electronic sound. He presents himself in different forms, be it about love (Gave You All) or shrugging off the hate and acknowledging the wrong (The Apology) it all comes off great and makes you want more than 34 minutes of album. Touches on relationships with others and himself with the issues dealt by the music industry, also the show and prove ideal by which many of us go by, Elhae comes off shining like the Dog Star in dark empty space full of dullness. He flips from singing to rhyming and back so you would think either the rapping or singing would come off tired or try-hard, but it doesn't and comes off as another plus for the artist. There are songs that I kept just repeating over and over again (A Day Behind, Gave You All, Where To Be, Team Zero) and just could not help but get a good idea for a specific song (shhh...) and would like to explore it visually. One thing is to have a good song but I can get a scene playing in my head I immediately fall for that track. The first album "Seventh Fall" was dope, and it just got better this time around. I like where this artist is headed and think there will be nothing but good coming out of his hard work being put in. ATL always has room for another dope artist but Elhae should already have his room spaced out nicely... another one for the Giant books.