Maybe this summer

I can finally (Get off my ass and) go and get some Djembe lessons this year, or jam with fellow NJ'ers (Clifton, HOOTY HOOO!!). I have had mine for almost a year...  love it and am somewhat comfortable playing in front of people, but never took it outside. The most that I have done with it is play along with certain songs, do some rhythm exercises with it, and have my son bang his mini Djembe along with me :p Would be nice to get a jam circle going once in a while and just play. I am not going to label this as a resolution type of thing, because then I'd never get it done like most things people promise themselves once a new year rolls around. A summer ago I went to Central Park and there was this sweet drum circle going on and they let people play along if they wanted to try it. I wanted to try it real quick, but I saved my embarrassment for another day. There was this guy that didn't think about it too much, and his no rhythm ass got that drum taken away quick. It was a good sound they had going and then this guy comes in and totally shitted on their beat, dude came in and looked at him funny then proceeded to take the drum away from him. Cool vibe in that group tho, totally dug it.

Oh haha, I just found the contact (Multitasking FTW) for the guy in charge of the Drum Circle in Central park while looking for a video here.  Funny coincidence, I thought they just met up there and not that organized, ha!

Edit: So I think I found a video of the group I spoke of but am not 100% sure as my job blocks the youtube video Oo


Start something and never finish #182,838,818,939... man I hate it when I do that.