Rita Indiana Live at LAMC Summerstage

This last weekend we passed by the LAMC event at Central Park's Summerstage to finally catch a live set of Dominican artist Rita Indiana y Los Mysterios. As you will see her partners in dance had some questionable (FILA short shorts) gear on, but regardless it was awesome to finally see a Dominican artist on the LAMC bill. The energy was fantastic and so was the music, you will also hear Marlon a best friend of mine yelling "Semillaoooow" at the beginning of the first video compilation below of the songs "Jardinera" and "El Juidero"... retard haha. The second video is one of my favorite songs "La Hora De Volve" I hope you all dig it as much as we did. This event had a great representation from Columbia and DR in the crowd this year and as always nice to see people from different backgrounds uniting in music.