GagaDilo's Skafrobalkanik Jazz Project Rhythm Explosion

Well... French artists are surprising me a little more than what I thought of lately, while finishing up GagaDilo's album "Skafrobalkanik Jazz Project" all I could think of was how much I didn't expect this type of sound to come out of France. Melting Reggae, Ska, Jazz, and Afro beats in a highly enjoyable project, GagDilo is a group to look out for if they ever come around your area. The horns sound clean and soothing to the ear while guitars skit with the graceful pleasant sound of Reggae, while the Ska is heavy in some tracks they retain the true core of that sound and incorporate them into that slightly Middle-Eastern horn pitch. Never sounding obnoxious as some of these genre blending bands have a tendency to be, GagaDilo seems to have did their homework when it comes to their sound. I am not a huge fan of Ska so at certain times I felt like I could do without much of it, this is not to say they overdid it but more of a personal opinion on said genre. Taking a page out of some of the most passionate musical generes out there this isn't a easy feat, but I can safely say they did a great job combining everything and look forward to any new releases they will have. This album is a wonderful example of the great feeling you get when you stumble upon an artist and decide to pursue their music, not knowing what to expect and then coming out totally enjoying the tracks... it's great I tell ya. As a bonus I am giving you all a taste of GagaDilo with a preview and free download option for 'Km 9', hope you all enjoy, also don't forget to support them by passing by their iTunes store and picking up the album!

[audio: G-KM9.mp3]

DOWNLOAD: GagaDilo - Km 9 MP3