Mixtape (Good)Hell

Damn do I have stuff to write about today or what!? Ok so I recently got into this Wale (Wah-lay) guy because of DOPE Couture's collabo. So thanks DOPE for adding to my listening, cool cats doing their thing. Photo Coutesy of DOPE Couture

Now this dude got like 3-4 mixtapes, and this is besides DJ Green lantern's Lights Out, The Cool Kids Gone Fishing, Jay-Z + Fela Kuti Nigerian Gangster, 2DopeBoyz Cadillac Edition Mixtape, QuESt Distant Travels Into Soul Theory... that I still have to fully hear. Whoop damn lots o music, and most of it sound great so far. Ain't complaining that's for damn sure, bring on the music people.

BTW another hit up to the dudes at The Atlantic Conference for some good ol school goodness.