Adam Warlock Searches for "Dark Weapons"

Adam Warlock of Uncommon Records released an album that birthed out of a break-in he and his wife just went thru, they rightfully felt the need to be on constant watch for protection and think of ways to defend themselves. This is one of those albums where if you don't understand the type of Hip-Hop (non-PopHop) this is... you just won't get it and probably shouldn't bother reviewing it as some have attempted. It was made out of the raw emotions that ran thru Adam Warlock and where it took him was to a dark place dealing with anger and fear also using what was left in his house as methods of combating anything that might come their way. It's very raw in sound and uses The Mars Volta (sometimes barely recognizable) to create the mood with convoluted yet perfectly fit beats, I would like to think it's the same way he felt and let's you experience some of what he went thru. The only thing I didn't feel to much was the opening "Chain lock" repeated chant in Chain Lockin' but other than that the rest of the album goes in and I totally understood his purpose with this album. Lyrics are straight forward and no nonsense just like going thru this victimized instance probably was, I never felt like he was trying to talk down ("smart" rap) while rhyming  and it felt like I could relate to his message and put me in his shoes for those almost 18 minutes of album length. I recommend this album to those that like Hip-Hop with an open-minded ear, this isn't your regular street do-rag sob story rap. Listen below, hit that download button and pay attention to Uncommon Records, they keep releasing good music. You can download the album for free or if you want a physical copy then preorder (with Instrumentals/Poster/Sticker Pack) it on his Bandcamp page as well.

Sidenote: I see no reason to spend sentences on the artist's name as it has nothing to do with the music and is irrelevant to the experience.