DJ Super Nova x Peralta Project's "Dominicano Soy" Tape

Whoa... that is all I have to say about this mixtape, it brings back soo many memories of family and good times that I just HAD to post it. DJ Super Nova teamed up with The Peralta Project and out came a beautiful nostalgia fueled Merengue mixtape called "Dominicano Soy", amazingly vivid pictures are painted when I hear these songs. I grew up with this type of Merengue and always reminds me when we went over our cousins house, not dancing (didn't dance till I was in my teens!) and plenty of good times with music, loud talking (Latino thing) and food. This is a perfect showcase of what Merengue used to be and the difference in subject, sound, focus the sound has now. If you're Dominican I'm assuming you already hit the download button because of the title haha, if you aren't and enjoy Merengue... do yourself a HUGE favor and check this tape out!! I would like to thank the guys for this tape, it just made my night.

Dominicano Soy - El Mixtape by iamsupernova4

DOWNLOAD: Dominicano Soy