So as of late I have been crafting the 1st series of designs for the WGM shirts, and it's going pretty well. Certain things have totally changed, while some designs are being retooled to look better and/or fit in more with the WGM idea. While the release for them might be longer than what I expected to, it has to be done right and not rushed. I've met some good people over at some other labels in the hustle, and what they are doing is pretty refreshing and not just slapping paint on a tee for the streets. Glad to see that there is still love for it, and not just for the cash flow (ahem...ecko) like most out there. I am looking forward to also doing some collabos with other labels as that it one of the ideas behind When Giants Meet, having people come together and creating something special... sounds madd sappy I know. So heads up cause WGM is coming for ya soon.

wgm fro