Dope Cup of ThroatChopU's Hip-Hop Breakfast Ep 70

The brother got himself a intro track with e.d.g.e.  from Canada and all now, this breakfast keeps getting better and better as they are released into the rising sun wilderness. The homie ThroatChopU brings it to a nice and easy start with Terius Nash's 'Wedding Crasher" and goes on to show the West Coast some love from the East. Peep the playlist and download it below to get your morning started off on the right step. Peace to The Mad Bloggers!

Tracklist: 1. Terius Nash - Wedding Crasher 2. Chuuwee x Jonathan Lowell feat. Haz Solo - Relaxed, Excited & High 3. Pro'Verb feat. RAtheMC and Reesa Renee - Can't Forget About You 4. Rocky Rivera feat. Da Vinci - SF City Retrospect (North Bay Remix) 5. The Accomplices feat. Malicious - Drop 6. STS - Fresh 7. Earl Sweatshirt - Drop 8. Jay Rock feat. Kendrick Lamar - Code Red