Almost Dunn

Mom dukes is visiting from Dominican Republic and whenever she comes to the States she brings us stuff. This time in addition to other things, she bought me a bottle of Ponche Kuba. At first I wasn't going to drink it...but now I can't stop and am trying to make it last as long as it can. That's the difficult part, since its 750 ml, and I been drinking it for 3 days straight. Try downing it in a small coffee cup (Spanish style yuuuup) so more is left over but you drink like 3-4cups, yeah I know redundant. It's like eggnog without the egg but stronger, and better. I wanted to test how much stronger it felt compared to Brugal (De Mallita!), so straight from the bottle like a wino I drank Brugal Añejo and then Ponche Kuba... weird enough besides the retarded idea of doing this the ponche felt like it had more alcohol. Obviously that's not the case since Brugal is like 40% or something like that, and Kuba is like 9%. But now the time has come to get another bottle, because after tonight there will be none left. Sweet sweet ponche, I shall visit thy bottle again. Wow I sound like a drunkie, nonetheless (yeah I used this word) it's awesome and everyone should try it.