Adebisi Shank Lets It Rip Live on 'International Dreambeat'

[youtube][/youtube]What are you watching? Well I honestly don't quiet fully get it yet but I do know it's fantastically (real word... I promise) bizarre awesomeness. With the catchy opening sounding like a kids toy being circuit-bent, it then explodes into a blaring, clapping and seizure inducing sound fest that leaves you wondering what the fuck is going on and why haven't I got more of this music. Well glad to inform yall I bring you this video that was recorded at this years Electric Picnic so I can slowly introduce you to the sound of Adebisi Shank and the arranged apocalyptic battle scene of their last album "This is the Second Album of a band called Adebisi Shank" and yes that's the real name. Enjoy!