Same Sheriff, Bigger and Better Giant Town

My Giants if you've been riding with us you must have started to notice an inclusion of music which this site might not be known for, I have recently started to sprinkle in other music genres here and there gearing towards the transition to a more robust and well rounded life, music and art blog. There will be some that will either get frightened or stay on board with us and our new music choices, I would love if we could all grow together as the music grows on the site. I also wanted to address the "Hip-Hop blog" thought for those questioning (I know you're out there) if any, we aren't just about that... it's that we get a lot of it haha. Any major changes? Just a few. There will be a stronger focus on music and certain fashions (if anything manages to capture the eye), also by the end of this year I will have finally realized some of my initial plans to have When Giants Meet tees for those looking to support us beyond the visit and RT's. There will also be a few more in depth artist conversations (not interviews) and coverage that take you beyond a blog post and a peek. I am looking in to crafting projects with a few artists (local for now) which go beyond just music and clicks.

I am also starting to carefully open up my arms to those which are down with us and want to try and write for WGM. It's been a heck of a time writing/editing/shooting all if not most of what you read for the past couple of years and I am finally ready to trust someone that is on the WGM mental frame to join in. If you're interested hit us up, let me know your experience and what you can participate in. This remaining year and next I am trying to assemble a dope team like Captain Plane... err Voltron, yeah Voltron.

Just remember that the quality which is expected from my readers and I will remain top goal in the new changes coming up, hell... if anything the bar in terms of quality could get raised. So if you're an artist that wants to be featured, stay Giant and work on covers along with all that other artist jazz.

Peace, hair grease, in the Middle-East while drinking Gin-n-Juice and being a menace to society my G's. As my homies Single Second say "Destroy Everything" cause if you don't you, there will be no space to create something new.