Sincere Vega Is Giant One of "One" *WGM Exclusive*

See... there's a difference between someone that can just purely spit knowledge as opposed to those that are clever with words and nothing more. Sincere Vega just proved to us he's knowledge with 'One', it's clear to see especially with this fantastic string laced beat produced by Maxx Julian for the upcoming release (November 29, 2011) of Sincere's "SinAmaxx." What I like is that there is an open minded and well versed emcee becoming one with the beat without a me-too stamp, too awesome and proud to have this as a WGM exclusive for you guys. Enjoy! Peace to the FL Giant fam, keep it positive and keep it dope. Listen below and stay tabbed to some of that Florida Hip-Hop... it ain't just booty music no 'mo folks, grown people are talking here.

[audio: SV_O.mp3]

Download: Sincere Vega - One