Portishead at Hammerstein Ballroom

This last Wednesday I witnessed something that I've been wanting to hear/see for YEARS, I finally saw Portishead wow. Even while on the ride to NYC I kept repeating to myself "Holy shit, I'm actually going to see them," I couldn't believe it myself for a while haha. Everything began with Thought Forms opening up for them which sounded good but not great, it sounded like they were a mix of (not my words "A poor mans") psychedelic Smashing Pumpkins with chant like sounds full of oddities. Besides the annoying ass hipster wanna-be's next to us complaining about "What's the point of opening bands, cause they always suck," I heard all of their set and it was promising but still felt like their sound needed some sort of push to set it higher. I'm going to check out their Bandcamp page and hear what else they got, it was interesting to say the least and sort of mesmerizing in a cult-ish kinda way. Unfortunately I couldn't get my cam in there and didn't request a press pass (total fail), but I did have two people taking pics for me by the stage and will be posting those as well. Also depending on the quality of the intro song video we recorded, it might be posted along with the images but I have to take a look at everything first. NOW... all I can say is that I might be able to die happy now since I saw Portishead live, it was full of chill filled sounds and captivating visuals the while time. Their setlist ran their discography time gamut and it all melted in beautifully along with Gibbons gloomy broken hearted yet strong voice. It was amazing to see it all play out live and once ended I already wanted to see them again, their music is normally deemed "boring" or depressing" by some folks but they fail to see the lyrics and sounds that come out. It was truly a fantastic experience and I loved every minute of it even without my camera at hand, I will try to get those pics edited and done soon for you all.

We had a wonderful time listening to great music, Portishead was freaking amazing and hope to see them again soon... then again they took a decade to make 'Third' but I still love them anyways haha. Oh yeah... I MIGHT have audio... MIGHT.