Elhae's 'XXI' Opens Another Door

The brother stays working I tell ya and it's another notch on the stellar belt, Elhae is back with 'XXI' an album that is enjoyable and in great tune on certain lifes issues. There is this immensley personal feeling I've gotten with the last album and this one, as if we are peering into the Truman Show version of his mental. With catchy tunes ranging from radio friendly hooks and rhythms in 'Way Too Long' to deep family discussion on 'William Way' he shows that real life still makes great music no matter what you go thru and you can still show artistic confidence on the way. Maybe this is why I dig Elhae's music that much, he's a dreamer and a do'er at the same time while opening a door to his soul in a very well (self)produced album. It's uplifting and at the same time he can be talking shit about your skill, varied in beats and bass yet has a soulful aproach overall... it's Elhaes sound.The range of topics and sound accompanied by what I think is a great balance of honest emotions and cockiness simply works in this case. We all have our ups and downs but it works soo much better when there is a dope beat carrying out our woes and accomplishments haha. I still see that path of glory in the horizon for this artist, stay true and keep it sounding good.