House of Spirits

Catching up on my NPR Latino USA podcasts, they mentioned the Isabel Allende libro titled La Casa de Los Espiritus and how there is a play in the Repertorio Español until August. I've definitely heard of this author (Kind of a big deal), and this book that I've never read before. Sounds interesting especially since it pans out across four generations of this one family, has to do with ghosts, social politics and changes from within. The story is told by the youngest daughter of three, so I'd imagine it has and even bigger emphasis on imagery and exaggeration due to it coming the younger one. Think I gotta go and catch this one, and see how it actually plays out on stage. Since it has to do with telekinetic and clairvoyance, I'd love to see the effects or tricks used on stage to convey that imagery. Apparently this was also made into a film in 1993 as well. I'll try to hunt that down as well, but rather see the play and all that good stuff in person. BTW Check out Allende's other books, shes a great writer!