Always something

As I watch the Monterey Pop Festival, just saw Hendrix light up the guitar and smash it to pieces... Got me thinking a bit. All the greats, music or art wise always have a shitty/weird/dumb end. The ones that actually add something to their art, are just a wee bit off in a good way. Anyone that has any art background can attest to that if they think out there or be blamed for just being "weird". We usually are out there looking for some deeper thought, or something to set us apart just because it's in us naturally. Haven't seen anyone yet that is considered a genius or master at what they do for just doing nothing and playing it safe. Your not going to get far by being a coffee shop anything. Anyways...all of our beloved musicians, or artists usually go insane, overdose, commit suicide, or something stupid like that. Is it because they are willing to step out of reality and learn/experience something (usually for self and not others) so out there that they go nuts? Most times it is also the emotional journey we go thru as well during this mind experiment/change. Only way to find out, jump in that rabbit hole yourself and see where it takes you. Just know when to stop and breathe and call it a day.

... Just a thought.