Geek son and dad moment

As I was getting my son ready to go to bed, were singing songs that he requests obviously. He acts like a lil monkey and makes chimp sounds and whatnot, then all of a sudden he stops... and asks (more like ordering) me to sing the Star Wars theme song. Yes he knows it, but I didn't think he would ask for it like that. Then I start singing and making marching motions and he starts dancing to it, it was hilarious. The one he really likes is the Imperial March, which is my favorite also. He is going to be 3 soon, so he is like a super sponge right now, everything he hears from my wife and I he tends to remember and repeat. It is amazing how little kids remember things and can actually sing/play out that specific thing he/she heard or saw. It is even better when it's things his daddy likes, I get all happy n' stuff hahaha. So I definetly hear the words Star Wars, Spiderman, and Transformers. Love it when he calls Megatron, Octagon... thanks Noggin.