Local church carnival

It's that time again for St. Anthony's annual family festival in passaic. Cool spot to check out local food from different countries, ride attractions (kiddies) and all that jazz to raise up some cash for the church... Obviously a good cause. We went early to beat the loooooong food lines. My son rode the little car carousel like 4 times, and wanted some more. There was this bean bag toss game, 2 sacks for a buck. $5 later (not including other fam trying), let's just say lil giant didn't get his spiderman. Booooy did he let me hear it for abit. He still had fun tho, and we are going back tomorrow for some more fun. I took a good amount of pictures as well.

A group of teenagers showed up with tricked out bikes, looking like they came straight from LA. Pretty cool customs, straight cholo. The bicycles were shiny as hell, yellow and chrome gleamin in the sun which was hot as hell. They paraded them around in the dead center of the carnival, knowing they were going to get some looks. Hope they go tomorrow because I think I screwed some shots up... meh. The Canon 50mm 1.8 lense I had on was great for most shots(great lense btw), I only went back to the kit lense at the end.

Let's see what they got tomorrow! Gonna get some pansit, pr food, Colombian, and obviously dominican food. Pretty good stuff there, and cheap too. If your around, check it out. Maybe you'll get to dunk a priest, I know someone did today.