He Who Shines Truly in 'The Light Show'

Even within established artists there exist a place they escape to or venture off in, it can be physically or most time mentally which provides a get-away from their normal boundaries and "rules" from their sayers. He Who Shines Truly consists of Producer KRK!, Daniel Joseph (woot!), Jahsyah, Steeve Sam and it invites new sounds and another level of thought from their typical. 'The Light Show' EP presents a place where they let the artist loose and let them create whatever the hell they want, it's a great beginning to something I wish to see more often overall with most artists. Overall I enjoyed this EP more than some full albums out there, I'm a total sucker for (good) free range music and thought that takes you somewhere different or rarely heard. It's Black Friday and I don't own a store to give yall discounts, but I CAN supply that good music to bring your day to a better beginning... enjoy. "Pray the day never come when the fights gone."