You would've gotten the Gasface too

As I sit here watching American Nazis on Nat. Geo., I wonder if they (US "Nazis") will ever notice how stupid they look. Here they are at a book burning (yeah talk about old school stupid), yet most sound like they dropped out of 4th grade... True hillbilly missing tooth type 'ish. All tattooed up with the pagan symbol blowing the opposite way (swastika) and I bet they don't even know it's origins. Billy Roper is a "leader" of a white supremacist group, teacher gone wrong. From Arkansas bitching how immigrants are building America, and taking away from whites. Then let joe shmoe take that 15K job, as if it will happen. They got into talking about the road to Washington, to rally up a good group and walk. This is the one time I think stoning is ok. This type of ignorance is dangerously stupid, and with soo many weak minds out there (blame education, drugs, economy, whatever), the Nazi numbers are somehow growing. Obviously promoting a message of hatred for people not like you is wrong. How do they think they are making it better if all it promotes violence and negativity? Using the whole brotherhood crap, they wrangle in those dumb, and tired which are many.

Bitch about jobs being taken away? Then take the job instead of snobbing it up if you really need the money. Family comes before pride in these circumstances, and if you think you deserve anything because of what you are, your wrong. Just because you are American or white as they say (a MIX people) doesn't mean the land you are on (which wasn't your to begin with) is yours and no one elses. We can all live together if respect is given, but just because Billy Is brown doesn't make Billy bad.

I guess this is a rant about the Nazis, and how much it annoys me. Racism has no place in the place where people come from different countries to make a better life for their family. It definitely baffles me how someone can be on board with something this evil that didn't even come from this country, yet they claim part and adopt the ideals. Trust me if Hitler was still alive, he wouldn't be taking your slow, brown haired mixed ass to begin with.

*sigh* Can't we all just get along?