Happy New Year Indeed...

Another year comes to an inevitable end. This year brought out the best and worst from us all, be it world problems, music, art or ourselves. I would like to thank each and every single person that takes their time to pass thru these Giant post halls filled with talent and thought because without you... there is no WGM. Cheesy? Yeah a little but it's true because the very basic idea of WGM is people collaborating and come together to fulfill their dreams and visions in life and art. Everyone that has asked for help, started projects, found their new favorite artists or worked with them, this is for you. You all have shown me what is possible if you set your mind to it and bring it out or share with others, a constant daily lesson is learned from my readers and the artists that I have come to know personally or post about. To those that have shown love to WGM, it's been a fantastic experience and seeing where it has taken me has been fun so thank you for that. Artists that have asked for my ears or eyes, it's an honor to be able to help with your ideas, albums and designs. When Giants Meet isn't about just one person, it's about many whom share the same mindset of expansion and betterment of all art-forms especially life, it's amazing to see folks use this blog and idea to make a change or incorporate it in their lives somehow.

True Giants stand tall and preserve the good, thank you for believing in me and my message. Much love to all and hope everyone has a fantastic night and new year. Live, Love, Laugh.