The Incredible Son

Hulk Today was my sons birthday, he is 3 now... yep big boy status. It has been a fantastic weekend, with him smiling/jumping/singing/yelling all through out. His favorite character is The Incredible Hulk, and wow does everyone know it! We got TONS of green, and I'm not talking just bout money! No matter how many times he saw that green guy, he always had this look of amazement in his eyes... it was beautiful. As small as he is, he knows soo much and keeps us full of joy and shock every time he mentions something a normal 3 yr. old wouldn't.

We kept getting gifts from everyone (Thanks everyone!), and it was pure 100% real joy pouring out of his little heart every time he unwrapped something. Right now he is sleeping in his **takes a deep breath** Hulk Pajamas, with his Hulk spreadsheet, his Hulk Cover, with his two Hulk pillows, Hulk shorts... yes Marvel's stock just rose like 40 points because of my son! Not to mention his tons of new Hulk toys, and shirts, and toothbrush! Gotta love him, The Incredible Son that goes rrrrrroaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr Hulk Smash daddy!!!

Trully a Giant in our eyes, Happy Birthday Buddy.