Damn you heavy eyes

HC2600 Sure I planned on catching up with Harper's Island episodes (a week ago), playing Tiger Woods 10 Wii (last week), and watching a countless number of movies (months!) I have yet to see... but damn sleep keeps creeping up on me. I can hear people saying "your older now", or "you can't stay up like you used to". While it is true, I'd like to believe I am not turning into the old man that falls asleep on the couch at night which has happened, and no I am not proud of it haha. I seem to have this thought in my head that I can stay up like I used to, but boy am I wrong. The reaction you have when you wake up to a finished recorded Reno911 or Deadliest Catch (awesome) episode that you didn't see, and it's asking you if you want to delete it is pretty funny to say the least.

I have always thought that a day doesn't have enough hours, and always feel like If I go to bed early I wasted time. Yes retarded, because we all NEED sleep and sure as hell don't get enough of it. It's like "Oh wait an hour more of TV or Human Cannonball won't hurt", it always happens. Guess what tho, I get enough sleep and I usually feel like crap the next day anyways so go figure. Regardless of anything, I usually hit 'play again' on that episode!

It's a vicious cycle I tell ya.