2009 at it again

As I have stated before, this year has been chock of disturbing and shocking happenings. Just today alone has claimed two that were in the public eye for many years, Fara F. from Charlies Angles and Micheal Jackson... Yeah shock I know. Both were loved and idolized throughout their careers and brought joy to many. Fara with her acting and looks and at that time being a young boys dream, and MJ with the countless hits that spawned styles thru the streets. I know I had my black leather, zippered MJ jacket and loved it. Sucks that this year has taken many greats, family, friends, idols. Hope the rest of this year brings more joy and not more of this sadness that we've had so far.

Live, love, and learn is the way to go for this year. Cheesy but hey whatever, I like Coldplay so I can say mushy crap like this :p