Good #1 *June'09 lost post*

Guerra-Juan-Luis-2-big-large Aside from the sad news of late, we had to opportunity to go see Juan Luis Guerra y 440 on Saturday. A true musician with true lyrics and true feelings, and talent. It was in Radio City Music Hall, and what a show they put on. As usual the music was fantastic, and the crowd was from all over, dancing, singing, and loving every minute of it. It was also my first time in Radio City (Yeah I know, lame), and it looks pretty cool inside!

JLG and 440 always has a great set no matter what concert he gives, it helps that the majority of their songs are awesome. His whole theme was traveling the world and back, so in all three screens (1 huge one, 2 medium on side) you see him arriving in a shiny chrome plane (dope as hell) on the tarmac, and then as he gets off the plane he shows up on stage. Then the party starts! He plays a set of old and new songs, slow love songs to fast merengue tipico style. Always giving a good show, and appreciates his fans to the fullest he ranks real high on the showmanship-o-tron-a-mulator-doo-hickey.

The kicker of the whole night was not the concert tho... my wife got to shake his hand and he asked her how she was doing. She lost it! I sort of got a picture of it too. "I will never wash my hands again!" haha I loved it, her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. She got to meet a artist she truly loves and wanted to meet all her life.  Overall, great night with family and music!!

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