Thoughts On Recollect App

I have been using an app called Recollect by Redaranj to share some of the music that I'm playing here and there and just wanted to share it with you guys and also let you know my thoughts on it. On the surface it's a clean and well organized application to share and "collect" songs that you like/are playing/want to remember, but when it gets down to the actual normal flow of things it starts to stutter a bit. Off the bat you are greeted by an elegant interface that has you sharing your music easily via Recollect which sends them to your Twitter (piggybacks on your account) timeline, after finding the track or selecting what you are currently playing (only native iOS music player works from what I see) you are given a few options to type a message as well before tweeting it. Sometimes the app can be a little slow processing the final tweet and the song preview might not appear if it's a indie artist sometimes but that's expected. A very cool feature is that you can 'collect' a song which then goes into a virtual record crate (top right) that you can peruse, and others can look thru your shared songs in the same manner. Besides those few quirks and me wanting a G+ sharing option I like the app and can see the potential to become a favorite for many, it just needs a few more updates and it should be music sharing heaven.