Bloodbath x B-Real Roll Up 4/20

The brothers at Bloodbath have teamed up with B-Real to commemorate 4/20 in style, the collabo will bring two tees and an great looking wooden grinder for your greenery. They also got photographer Michael Morales taking fantastic shots for the project lookbook which make the whole thing come alive. Peace to the homie Patrick from Bloodbath for sending this in, you can see the full lookbook after the jump. The collection will be available in limited quantities on... wait for it... 4/20!

"Bloodbath and B-Real (Cypress Hill) have crossed strains to commemorate this year's 4/20 celebration. Presenting two graphic tees and a custom wooden grinder, the pieces will be offered in the Bloodbath Online Shop as well as a handful of special retailers. The wooden grinders have imprints that host Buddhamaster and Bloodbath iconography, which are limited to 100 pieces.  The first tee echoes the same design as the grinder, and the other displays a big thumbprint textured with an image of the finest greens."


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