Little Giants first Yankee game!

A-Rod-Stealing We took our son to his first Baseball game on July 4th, and he loved it. We went to the Yankees vs. Bluejays game at 1PM, had a blast, bought the 10 bucks foam hand (you have to) and did it up! He was all excited with his Yankee cap on, cheering and yelling most the time except when he got a little sleepy towards the end. He was soo excited that when Matsui hit the first homer he yelled out TOUCHDOWNNNNNN, it was hilarious. It was a absolute blast for him, and he will definitely be going back. The Yankees ended up winning 5-6, not sure about this last game they had today.

We also passed thru the museum they have on the 200 level its pretty cool, they have baseballs belonging to many Yankee players over the years.


It was such a good game, even the albino from the movie Foul Play was there!! Damn was he looking at me hard when I took the shot as he pledged his allegiance to the Albino States.