KeilyN's 'Timing' Is Fantastic

'Timing' is key and KeilyN's latest album, it's an honest view on his career and life in general also this being his sophomore contribution it has great potential and good positive growth for the young artist. Ohio has had it's fair share of emcees that have come to the light for the past 2 years and KeilyN makes good with his flow and production which also includes the great SoulKlap. This artist also has good co-sign from our Giant bro's at The Higher Plane, purveyors of great Hip-Hop and shows the gusto of the Ohio emcee. He also pays homage to J Dilla on some of JD's beats which always sound great when mixed in with a good artist. I enjoyed this album a good amount and have to pull out my late pass on this but am definitely glad I finally got here. Looking forward to hearing more of KeilyN's music and the soundtrack to wherever his career may take him.