Quadrofiendia Deserves Your Attentionfiendia

Is it just me or is Uncommon Records releasing a good deal of thought provoking Hip-Hop nowadays? Already a favorite label here so once I saw this super colorful but mostly fantastic cover (more about that later) I had to give it a listen, my eyes widened just like how my ears did after a few listens to Agartha Audio & Taiyamo Denku's team effort. The wide span of topics is always welcome when it sounds this good, all the beats produced by Dig Dug (Agartha Audio) have an easy transition from track to track due to the progression of sounds. From a Hip-Hop reborn (reboot?) to speaking on the universe and the earth we inhabit, it has a different type of audio ambiance and still make you succumb to the proverbial and much needed (in this case) head nod. Now about that mostly fantastic cover I mentioned earlier... I love the art but the typography was a miss for me. It created a unnecessary collide with the overall picture and sound on the album, maybe it was intentional but the typography didn't work for me and it was sort of hard to read the track listing as well. Does this have to do anything with the music? Not really but it's part of the overall package, I felt it was necessary to also mention it because of how much I like the art in the background. Back to the music... I enjoyed the whole album a good deal enough to highly recommend for purchase, you should want to get that awesome cover and LP look printed on that CD anyways regardless but the music is top notch Hip-Hop and that my friends is the key point.