LAMCoustic showcase

LAMCCompCoverFinal-1 I recently went to the LAMC Acoustic showcase in S.O.B.'s and it came out to be a pretty nice night. The acts they had performing were good, and some unknown to me so I got some new music to buy! The bands/singers were The Domino Saints, Los Amigos Invisibles, Natalia Lafourcade (Great singer), Los Delinquentes, Javier Garcia, Ella Euksbraun. They all played quick small 2-3 song sets, so it was short and sweet. Also bought my cam and took some pictures, I will post some of them later.

While I was outside waiting go to in, I happened to meet one of the members of Reyes del Bajo Mundo (RDBM, from El Salvador). As we were talking I was listening to some of their tracks (Selfmade and published), and I got a Cypress Hill feel with more of a social/political message. Their sound is good stuff, and am looking forward to somehow seeing/bringing them to play in NJ since we need something like this there. Not too many good small labels/bands/groups come to NJ, would be nice to organize something to end that. Big ups to Cruz and RDBM!

One artists that stood out from them all was Natalia Lafourcade, reminded me of Bjork for some reason which is a great thing if you ask me. She came out before her set with Lost Amigos Invisibles and did a song with them, then went into her own set which was great. I was talking to Julio (Frontman singer for Los Amigos Invisibles) afterwards and he gave me a little update on what she is musically, I left impressed. I felt out of the loop because when she came out people swarmed the stage and cameras were snapping like crazy, and I didn't know who she was!

Los Delinquentes were also good, coming from Spain they came in strong with the guitars. They even got three random women to come up to the stage and did some flamenco style dances. Los Amigos Invisibles as usual didn't dissappoint, playing some songs off their new album and a song with Natalia Lafourcade. Domino Saints played a great set as well, with a funky reggae vibe hailing in from Puerto Rico. Javier Garcia's set while slower than most, was enjoyable also and am glad I got to hear some of his music.