Changes In The Wind

At certain points into the year I like to point out what will be going on in the site and if there are any changes coming up. I am officially going to start tackling a few projects I have been working on and should've been for a while, I will also be working with certain familiar faces which you have seen on the site in one way or another. It will be a smooth transition in content and at the same time not impact the awesometastic (it's a word now) music that is always posted.

What does this mean for the site? You will start seeing more experimental design and audio here along with the music posts you all look forward to. So that means more peeks here and there to what makes and revolves around the WGMverse. From the beginning I have wanted to go beyond just words on a post and it's time to finally start shifting into what When Giants Meet was made to be. So stay along for the ride as I also look forward to continue creating bonds with artists and readers by building/creating art, the main objective will be to contribute something positive to music and art overall. Details? That's what you'll see once things start popping up here... haha.

Thanks for believing and staying Giant. WGMeets